Offshore Living Quarters

Topside security solutions to protect crew.
On location upgrades to extend asset life.

We refurbish and upgrade Living Quarters or Accommodation Modules of offshore assets.  We help you achieve your asset life extension.  Changes to the living quarters include: replacement of flooring, wall panels, lighting, toilets, upgrade or construction of new galleys, the provision of cold, freezer and dry stores, HVAC systems, accommodation and washrooms.


  • Requirements analysis and site survey by Crummock;
  • Design and fabrication of galleys undertaken in Scotland with Scottish precision engineering;
  • Crummock's UK trained tradespeople undertake the offshore installation with minimal disruption to normal on-board operations;
  • Multidisciplinary tradespeople reduce the need for multiple visits and reduce accommodation requirements.

Any galley units that require construction are designed and fabricated in Scotland and then shipped out, reassembled and installed by our own United Kingdom trained tradespeople.  Our unique working practices ensure you don’t have to compromise your production targets in order to extend the life of your assets.


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