Water Pipe Replacement

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Crummock replaces leaking, damaged or corroded potable water pipes.  The health and safety of your crew is of critical importance, especially when they are living and working 100’s of miles offshore.  Clean, fresh water is essential for drinking and showering and Crummock knows how to fix the problems inherent in providing and distributing water throughout the accommodation module of a platform or FPSO.  Water pipes are traditionally copper, zinc or plastic.  Plastic can crack due to flexing of the vessel and copper and zinc will corrode due to the reaction of chlorinated water and when they are connected together, the destructive reaction of dissimilar metals.

Our multi-layer composite pipe soultion, with unique connecting mechanism, will outlast traditional pipe materials, costs the same, is quicker to install and is safe to install as connections are crimped and no hot-work permit is required.


  • Quick and Safe - composite pipe and patented compression fittings means connections are made in seconds with no hot work;
  • Greater safety during replacement because pipe connections are crimped;
  • Crummock's United Kingdom trained tradespeople undertake the offshore installation with minimal disruption to normal on-board operations;
  • Multidisciplinary tradespeople reduce the need for multiple visits and reduced accommodation requirements.

Bacterial infection of potable water supplies is prevented by chlorination.  Distributing chlorinated water through copper and zinc piping produces an electrochemical reaction that rots the pipes, resulting in heavy corrosion, leaks and blockages.  This in turn produces dangerous dirty, water.  Apart from the health and safety issues, corroded piping and dirty water demoralizes the crew.


As well as piping replacement, Crummock can also install or replace your existing water treatment plant, delivering a total solution for all your drinking and washing water related needs.


Want to stop your pipes leaking?  Contact us on (+44) 1875 823 222 or email info@crummockoilandgas.com to discuss your requirements.

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